affectionate - showing caring feelings and love for somebody. Positive., assertive - expressing opinions or desires strongly and with confidence, so that people take notice. Usually positive, though can sometimes imply bossy., curious  - having a strong desire to know about things and people, interested in things. Usually positive., easy-going - relaxed and happy to accept things without getting angry or worried.Usually positive,though can sometimes imply lazy., moody - having moods that change quickly and often. Usually negative., outgoing - liking to meet other people, enjoying their company and being friendly towards them.Positive., rebellious - unwilling to obey rules or accept normal standards of behaviour, dress, etc, sensible  - able to make good judgements based on reason and experience rather than emotion; practical. Usually positive., sensitive  - aware of and able to understand other people's feelings or easily offended or hurt.The first meaning is positive, but the second is negative., stubborn - determined not to change your opinion or attitude.Usually negative.,




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