1) Cigarettes should be banned 2) Cannabis should be legalised 3) The internet should be regulated to protect children 4) Nobody should be allowed to earn more than $1,000,000 a year 5) English grammar is not important as long as people understand you 6) National youth organization (Pioneers/Yunarmia) should be introduced / abolished 7) Keeping animals in zoos is cruel 8) Children should learn about sex at school 9) Children should learn about money and how to earn and use it at elementary school 10) Pirating movies and music isn’t a big deal 11) Old or sick people should have the right to take their own lives 12) Women must sunbathe topless 13) Pets should be forbidden in city flats 14) Men mustn't wear skinny jeans 15) Plastic bags mustn't be used as package everywhere 16) Divorces must become illegal




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