What do you do if you don't get the joke, but everybody laughs?, If there's an unpleasant person eager to talk to you, how do you get rid of them?, What do you do if you get the impression that somebody got the wrong end of the stick and is offended?, If you get the chance to talk to the Queen at a dinner party in Westminster, what will you say?, You see a gorgeous stranger and realise you must get to know them. What will you do to kick off a conversation? , If you can't get hold of your family members, do you start worrying? , You hear your friend make a smart derogatory remark about you. How will get your own back on the person who let you down?, Have you ever got into trouble with your parents for your behaviour at family parties?, Is there anything you need to get out of your way (=finish) to have fun at the weekend?.

Expressions with Get. Speaking practice (dinner parties)

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