The ____ rate has grown to 6.5 percent. Food is now substantially more expensive. The deposit ____ rate is now about 4 percent, which is not very attractive for people who want to grow their savings. There was a dramatic fall in the ____ rate against the dollar in 2014. Russia's ____ rate edged down to 4.8 percent in June of 2021. It was the lowest rate since March last year but still slightly above pre-pandemic levels. ____ Participation Rate in Russia increased to 62.20 percent in April from 62.10 percent in March of 2021. Many industrial regions of Russia offer numerous ____ and benefits to investors. Not a secret that Russia is a country of ____, in which there are a lot of government officials and their number permanently increases. The ____ in Russia was worth 1483.50 billion US dollars in 2020, according to official data from the World Bank. It represents 1.31 percent of the world economy. In recent years, foreign direct ____ in the economy of Russia has been steadily declining, while the flow of funds abroad has increased. The main reasons are the international sanctions, the growth of crisis trends, and the aggravation of the geopolitical situation in the world. Russia's ____ widened to USD 10.21 billion in May of 2021 from USD 3.79 billion in the corresponding month of the previous year. Exports jumped 65.8 percent from a year earlier to USD 34.82 billion boosted by sales to non-CIS (71.5 percent) and CIS countries (37.8 percent). Meanwhile, imports rose 43 percent to USD 24.61 billion on the back of purchases from non-CIS (42.9 percent) and CIS countries (43.9 percent).

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