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1) What's the weather like today? 2) What time is it? 3) Have you got any pets? 4) What's your favourite food? 5) What do you look like? 6) What can you do? 7) Where are you now? Are you in the garden? 8) How are you today? 9) Who is your best friend? 10) What lessons have you got on Fridays? 11) What is your favourite sport? 12) Are you a noisy student? 13) Is your cat/dog fast? 14) Are you afraid of spiders? 15) Do you like drawing? 16) Have you got a lof ot homework? 17) What's your surname? 18) What is your favourite song? 19) What does your best friend look like? 20) What is your favourite place? 21) What time do you usually get up? 22) What do you usually eat for breakfast? 23) Do you want to rest? 24) Who do you want to be in the future? 25) What do you do to relax?



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