My finger is bleeding. I ____________ (cut) it with the nife., I need to return home immediately. I ____________ (forget) my wallet., He had to get up, the alarm clock ________ (already, ring)., She looked like an idiot. She completely forgot that she ________ (unbutton) her trouses before the film started., She feels furious. She __________ (to wait) her husband to come for almost 3 hours., The buses wouldn't stop here. The bus stop __________ (close) for repairs., The teacher will definitely call my Mom, I _______________ (not, do well) on the test. But by the time she will call I _________ (improve) my result., I am awfully tired., The t-shirt didn't fit. I felt uncomfortable in it., He had to drop off his son to his friends' place., The car engine fails to start., I have to take an umbrella with me..



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