1) A cat is ____________ a mouse a) big b) biger c) bigger than d) the biggest 2) A man is ___________ than a woman. a) stronger b) weaker 3) Mary is _____________ in the group. a) taller b) taller than c) the tallest d) tallest 4) The mother has ____________ hair of all. a) longer b) the longer c) the longest 5) A tortoise is ______________ animal in the world. a) faster b) the fastest c) slower d) the slowest 6) Mount Everest is ___________________ mountain in the world. a) the highest b) the shortest c) higher d) shorter 7) A rabbit is ____________ a snail. a) fast than b) faster than c) slower than d) the fastest 8) A dolphin is __________ a sheep. a) smartest b) the smartest c) smarter than d) smart 9) Rafflesia is ___________ flower in the world. (smelly - плохо пахнущий) a) the smelliest b) smellier than c) smelliest d) the smellyest 10) A koala is _________ a panda. a) bigger than b) smaller c) the biggest d) smaller than 11) Mr Fo is __________ at cooking. He can't cook at all! a) better b) the worst c) worse d) the best 12) My grandmother is ___________ at cooking. It's tasty! a) The best b) the worst

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