1) frightened a) terrified b) scared c) disappointed d) doubting 2) actually a) in fact b) obviously c) naturally d) fortunately 3) luckily a) obviously b) fortunately c) suprisingly d) of course 4) too a) as well b) also c) even d) although 5) I doubt it a) It's possible b) I'm not sure c) I can't wait d) It's unlikely 6) I don't feel like it a) I don't like it b) I don't want to do it c) I'm not good at it d) I thought it might be better 7) I'm looking forward to it a) I loved it b) I thought it might be better c) I can't wait d) I doubt it 8) you can a) it is permitted b) it is allowed c) it's not forbidden d) it's prohibited 9) you have to a) you are used to b) you can c) you must d) it's required 10) it's prohibited a) it's forbidden b) you can c) it's not allowed d) you mustn't 11) it's required a) you must b) you don't have to c) you have to d) it's not allowed

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