1) be together a)  to feel sexually attracted to someone b) get married c) to have a romantic relationship with each other 2) soul mates a) people who work tohether b) romantic partners who have a special relationship c) the way you call your friends 3) a good fit a) a perfect match for you b) people who hate each other c) a couple, relationship etc involving two men or two women 4) to have a lot in common a) to work together b) to share the same interests c) to live at the same place  5) to work things out a) to argue a lot b) to solve the problem c) to create a problem 6) to be seeing someone a) to have a romantic relationship with someone b) to become ill after swimming c) to have a meeting with someone 7) to pop the question a) to break up b) to get divorced c) to propose marriage 8) to get engaged a) to formally agree to get married b) to start living together c) to decide to have a child 9) to have chemistry  a) to argue a lot with your partner b) a powerful connection between two people c) to be suitable 10) to settle down a) to live a quiet life by getting married b) to buy a flat when you are married c) to celebrate your wedding anniversary 11) to rush things a) to hurry about your romantic relations b) to break something c) to hit your partner when you are angry 12) get to know each other a) to start to live together b) to get some info about your partner c) to meet your partner`s parents 13) to fall for/ to fall in love a) to live with your partner`s parents b) to get engaged c) to start to love 14) быть в чьём-то вкусе a) This guy is really not my type. b) Today is my wedding anniversary with Jake c) We are getting married next month 15) to break up a) to argue a lot with your partner b) to stop your romantic relationships c) to madly love each other 16) to get in touch a) to mention a subject quickly when speaking or writing about another subject b) to put your hand or another part of your body lightly onto and off something or someone: c) to be in contact  17) to get on a) to start to love b) to have a good relationship c) to text messages 18) to lose touch a) if two people lose touch, they gradually stop communicating, for example by no longer phoning or writing to each other b) to become best friends c) to help your friend with some problems 19) to propose a) to ask someone to work with you b)  to ask someone to marry you, especially in a formal way c) to ask someone to buy food 20) to get out together a) to spend time outside with your partner b) to talk a lot with your partner c) to have fun



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