1) A lot of people think the film is a true story, but as a matter of fact, ... 2) The script was terrible; the acting was awful; the story was dull. In other words, ... 3) The cinema was really crowded and hot, but at least ... 4) I don't feel like going to the cinema tonight, and besides, ... 5) I don't know how people can watch films on their phone. I mean, ... 6) There were a few little things the film-makers invented, but on the whole, ... 7) We weren't expecting to enjoy the film, but actually, ... 8) You should book tickets for most cinemas nowadays, otherwise ... 9) (SURPRISE!) Make your own sentence about films using basically. 10) (BAM!) Make your own sentence about cinema theatres using all in all

Doscourse markers (2) - complete the sentences



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