1. Where is your company's ____? Does it have ____ in other cities or countries? 2. How does your company ____ its products or services? 3. Have you ever thought of ____ your own business? What kind of business would it be? 4. Can you give an example of a product which in your opinion was a complete ____? 5. What kinds of things are ____ in your country? Are they ____ to other countries? 6. Do you know any companies that ____ business because of the pandemic? 7. What do you think of companies which organize relaxation areas for employees, where they can rest, play games or even have a nap? Is it a good idea to ____ business with ____? 8. Are the living standards in your country improving or ____ at the moment? 9. If you had your own business and it was ____ a loss, what would you do? 10. Have you ever told someone to ____? Why did you say it?



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