1) When I pass exams, I feel a) disappointed b) upset c) suspicious d) excited 2) When I hear a sudden noise at night, I feel a) frightened b) relieved c) proud d) bored 3) When I finally find my smartphone, I feel a) cross b) relieved c) confused d) ashamed 4) When I get an excellent mark in Physics, I feel a) suspicious b) envious c) proud d) shocked 5) When my lazy classmate gets an excellent mark in Chemistry, I feel a) shocked b) bored c) relieved d) frightened 6) When I lose money, I feel a) delighted b) upset c) envious d) suspicious 7) When I get a new smartphone as a present, I feel a) confused b) cross c) ashamed d) delighted 8) When I say bad words to my best friend, I feel a) cross b) ashamed c) excited d) shocked 9) When my friend tells a stupid joke, I feel a) embarrassed b) bored c) upset d) relieved 10) When I fail, I feel a) proud b) envious c) delighted d) disappointed 11) When I'm sitting in a maths class and don't understand anything at all, I feel a) confused b) proud c) frightened d) relieved




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