I think we should go out tonight. ________, it is your birthday. - After all (we're trying to be convincing!), I wasn’t invited to the party. ________, I wouldn’t have gone. I’m too busy. - In any case (= Anyway, whatever could've happened), In Scotland it ________ dark until after 11 p.m. in the summer.19. - doesn't get (ever! -> Present Simple), I don’t think I’ll ever get ________ (use) to ________ (commute) on the Underground. - get used to commuting (get used to + gerund), O________, the wounded will need food, shelter, and medical support. - Obviously, ... (what else could it be?:), Jack’s coming to visit. I________, he’s leaving the army, and he wants your advice about careers. - Incidentally (we change the topic slightly), I think you should take a day off tomorrow. A________ ________, she’s your sister, and she doesn’t visit us very often. - After all (we're presenting a convincing argument), It’s going to snow later, or a________ ________ that’s what the weather forecast said. - at least (we aren't completely sure and try to distance ourselves from what we say), I don’t understand the directions for getting to the interview. B________, I’m not sure I want the job. - Besides, ... (we introduce an additional argement),



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