1) kiss a stranger 2) move to Siberia 3) drive at 160 kmh in the city 4) buy a gun 5) go to Olga Buzova's concert 6) buy a pet crocodile 7) drink a litre of whiskey 8) dye your hair green 9) cry in class 10) shout at your teacher 11) eat a spider 12) give all your money to charity 13) dress up as a person of the opposite sex 14) steal a helicopter 15) go swimming with your clothes on 16) spend a year in a desert 17) dance in the middle of a crowded street 18) crash your car into a lamp post on purpose 19) shave your head 20) steal a penguin from the zoo 21) change your job 22) get a tattoo on your face 23) adopt a baby from Thailand 24) shout at a police officer 25) walk in the street naked 26) phone your boss in the middle of the night 27) kiss a frog 28) become a teacher at a primary school 29) sit down onto an ant house 30) hug all your group mates 31) dive into a frozen lake 32) become a vegan



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