1) They decided to get_____when they were only 17, because they were madly in love with each other a) angry b) divorced c) married d) up 2) You need to get____bus #4, it arrives every hour a) on b) into c) up d) to 3) The little girl got_____in a shopping centre, she was really scared, but her mom found her in a matter of seconds a) better b) colder c) worse d) lost 4) I get____with my ex-husband, he is really friendly and outgoing a) up b) on (well) c) - d) to 5) What time do you usually get______? a) to home b) home c) by home d) at home 6) There is no need to get____, I'm only 1 minute late! a) angry b) fit c) lost d) divorced 7) You need to get a_____ to enter this museum a) job b) newspaper c) ticket 8) My Dad gets up at 6 to get_____work on time a) on b) to c) at



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