Do you think it's important to try new things? Why? Why not?, Do you like to get yourself challenges? Why? Why not?, What kind of activities would require you to step out of your comfort zone?, Have you ever tried something new and been surprised by how you felt about the experience?, Which extreme activities would you find most challenging and why?, What do you usually do when you're feeling tense?, Is there a place that you often visit with your family or friends? How do you feel about it?, What parts of the world would you particularly like to visit? Why?, Have you ever wanted to travel to a particular place you've seen in a film or read about in a book? Where was it?, Would you like a film to be shot in or near your home? Why? Why not?, What do you think 'digital suitcase' means? What would yours include?, What type of school activities can you do with a friend?, How often do you work with a friend after school? Is it a good idea? Why? Why not?, What helps you concentrate when you're studying?, What subjects do you think you would enjoy learning online?, Do you think you would be more or less motivated by a virtual school day? What things might distract you?, How would you organize study classes online?, How does the place you live change from day to night?, Do you prefer spending time in the city or the countryside? Give reasons., Do you think there's really a need for a new type of city? Why? Why not?, Which cities have you visited that could be improved? Give reasons., Would you like to see other buildings underground e.g. your school, sports facilities, a cinema, car parks? Why? Why not?.



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