Do you do something you love each day? If so, what?, What passions did you have when you were younger?, Are there any disadvantages of being passionate about something?, How do your hobbies make you feel? Why?, If you could only follow one passion in your life, what would it be?, Whose responsibility is it to teach you life skills such as managing money, cooking, or changing a tire?, Do you think that people pay enough attention to their surroundings? Why? Why not?, Do you think you are a perceptive person? In what situations?, Do you think people sometimes have feelings that can't be expressed in words?, What is your favorite word in your language? Why?, What's the most unusual thing you've ever eaten? Did you like it?, Do you think that the food you ate when you were young affects your tastes now?, Who has had a big influence on your life?, Who or what do you think generally influences people of your age? Why?, Who do you influence? How?, What negative stereotypes are there about teenagers in your country?, Have you ever believed a fake story? What was it?, What kinds of travel or holiday experiences do you enjoy most?, What makes a good companion?, What do you take photos of when you travel?, What kinds of photos do you post of yourself online?, Do you think that tourism is a good thing for a town?, What does 'community' mean to you? , How do you think school prepares people to be part of a community?, You really should have done more to help that woman. (translate the phrase), What's the worst gift you've ever been given? Why?, What three words best describe lifestyle for you?, How does city life compare to rural life in your country?, Is it important for a city to look attractive? Why? Why not?, How attractive is the area where you live? How could it be improved?, How would you describe your attitude to life?, What three traits do you most admire in people? Why?, Do you know anyone particularly messy?, Do you think the mess reflects people's creativity?, How do you think when you are in a place that is very messy?.



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