1. I’m not very good at golf – I only ____ recently. 2. I played basketball last Saturday with some friends because they needed an extra player and asked me to ____. I jumped at the chance and now I play with them every week. 3. I first ____ yoga when my best friend encouraged me to try it to help me feel less stressed. 4. I used to play badminton 2 or 3 times a week in my twenties, but it was difficult to ____ after I had children. 5. I don't know why he ____ with James, they've got nothing in common. 6. We spent the whole week ____ on the beach. 7. What did you ____ at the weekend? 8. When they go to London they often ____ a couple of plays. 9. I ____ folk music. 10. Make a list of all the hobbies, activities and sports you have taken up but then ____.



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