1) What technical problems do you have at work and how do you solve them? 2) What location would be the best choice for a party with your English class? Why? 3) How good are transport links in your town? What would make them better? 4) What do you say as a chair to open a meeting? 5) Which is the best description of the way you shop? 6) What did you do at work yesterday? 7) What schedule do you work? What are its advantages and disadvantages? 8) What is petty cash used for? 9) Finish the sentences differently: I'll save money if... / If I get a new job, ... . 10) Do you agree with the statement?: If team members argue with each other, it means there's a problem. 11) Explain how to use a cash dispenser. 12) What do you have to do today? 13) What advice would you give: "I'm very nervous when I give presentations. What should I do?"

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