1) I don’t think we ___ eat in this restaurant – it looks dirty! a) would b) should c) must 2) I agree, and there aren’t ___ people inside. a) many b) much c) some 3) It isn’t ___ place in town, either.  a) the cheap b) the cheaper c) the cheapest 4) No. I think there are __ restaurants than this near the river.  a) good b) better c) best 5) But that’s quite far away, and we haven’t got ___ time.  a) a few b) a little c) much 6) It’s OK. Mum says we ___ be home early because it’s the weekend.  a) needn’t b) have to c) mustn’t 7) OK, but why don’t we walk ___ the city centre first and see if there’s anywhere nice to eat there? a) inside b) down c) through 8) Good idea! It’s not as ___ as the river. a) far b) further c) furthest 9) Come on then! If we don’t hurry, ___ . I’m starving!  a) I died c b) I die c) I’ll die 10) Me too − I’m ___ hungry to think! a) enough b) too c) more

Solutions pre-interm cumul test grammar 1-5

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