Nowadays it's perfectly acceptable to wear jeans in all situations., People should pay extra for all the luggage they check in with them on flights., The best place to find accurate information about something is on the internet., Politics should be a compulsory subject at secondary school., Having good health is more important than having a lot of money., When you need advice, your family are usually more helpful than your friends., The weather can affect the way we feel on a specific day., It's hard for a student to see any kind of progress they get to a certain level of English. , A person studying a foreign language doesn't need to do any homework. Going to class is enough., You can't be goof at sport unless you have the right equipment., It's impossible to get an unbiased view of what is happening in the world from the news on TV. Newspapers are far more objective., Luck is something you are born with. Some people are just 'naturally' happy., People's manners are much worse nowadays than they were 50 years ago., The clothes you wear are a reflection of what you're like as a person., Traffic should be banned from all city centres. Only public transport, bikes, and pedestrians should be allowed in them..

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