Greg's parents are very ____. He's dyed his hair green, but that isn't a problem for them. Beth is very ____. She says what she thinks and she doesn't think she is cool or very important. Jack is very ____. He doesn't think before he acts. Abby is quite shy and ____. She doesn't usually say or show how she feels or what she thinks. Tom is very ____. When there is a difficult situation, he'll always find a solution. George is very ____. He is always very kind, and he thinks of other people. Laura is very ____. When something bad happens to her, she always gets up again and stays positive. Conor always says the right thing, and he never offends people. He is very ____. I would never lend Emma money or tell her a secret. She is really ____. I don't like Henry. He is too proud and thinks that he is the most important person in the word. He is so ____. Claudia was ____ to try all the challenges. Maria was ____ with the Yoga Challenge because it didn't go well. When Lydia was doing the Behaviour Challenge, she tried not to get ____ with her little brother.



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