When I was growing up there were only three or four television channels. For parents today, there are hundreds of TV channels to worry about, not to ____ the internet, video games and social media – and all of it is ____ through a smart phone. No wonder parents are worried about the ____ of technology on young people! Some people think it’s all bad news. In fact, in this programme we’ll discuss a report which finds little ____ to ____ technology with mental health problems in adolescents. Think about how much time ____ spend staring at screens every day. But unlike passively watching television today’s technology is ____, connecting teenagers to their friends around the world. Are we expecting to see some kind of ____ that technology are harmful? I think we’re at a point where teenagers are much more ____ than many adults think, I know the teenagers around me and one thing that they do all have is ____ on their sites and they are actually quite ____ of the addiction problem - the design - you know, designed for addiction.

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