amusing - That was a very ... joke, we all laughed a lot., annoying - My little sister always listens to those horrible songs, it's so ...., excited - It's my birthday tomorrow, yay! I'm so ...!, exhausted - I'm absolutely ... on Fridays - we have 8 lessons!, disappointed - My friend was ... when she didn't get the present she wanted on her birthday, frightening - This spider is ... - it's huge!, amazed - We were ... when we saw how expensive that car was!, confusing - These instructions are ..., I don't understand them, satisfied - Were you ... with your exam result, or are you going to try again?, shocking - What a ... news! How could it happen?, disgusting - This dish looks ... . I'll never try it!, tiring - We had to do the test for 3 lessons - it was so ...! , bored - I have nothing interesting to do - I'm so ..., worrying - That's a very ... news, we're all very anxious, surprised - I was not at all ... that he won - he is the best in our class, relieved - The teacher didn't give us that horrible test, we're so ...,

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