1) George always wants to do everything without mistakes. a) impatient b) perfectionist c) gullible 2) Ann loves going out and meeting new people. a) sociable b) reliable c) patient 3) My sister is very tender-hearted and likes to remember nice moments. a) moody b) sensitive c) sociable 4) He is a reliable classmate. a) gullible b) trust-worthy c) self-confident 5) Sam is always in a rush and can never wait for anything. a) impatient b) self-righteous c) moody 6) It's easy to play jokes on her, she believes everything you tell. a) gullible b) self-righteous c) moody d) basics 7) My granny hates the idea of anything changing in the world. a) conservative b) moody c) trust-worthy 8) I never have any doubts about myself or what Iam capable of. a) sentimental b) selfish c) self-confident d) basics 9) One moment my sister is happy the other angry or sad. a) sorrowful b) moody c) gullible d) analyses 10) Sam always thinks that her beliefs and behaviour are better than everyone else's. a) reliable b) self-rightious c) sentimental 11) She is always positive and hopes for the best. a) optimistic b) happy c) anxious 12) My mum always gets anxious if we come home late at night. a) anxious b) polite c) sentimental.

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