What are you going to do after this class? - I'm not sure. Maybe we could go for a coffee., Where are you from? - Alava. It's a small town in the north of Spain., Have you studies here before? - No, never. It's my first time in a school in the UK., What do you do when you are not working? - I'm into cooking and spending time with my family., What do you think of the test we did? - The grammar was OK but I was nervous in the speaking test., What do you do? - I work in the food industry., How long have you studied English? - About five years, on and off., What's your name? - Magda, short for Magdalena., Have you met the teacher yet? - Yes, she seeems very nice., Why are you learning English? - I need it for my job. Most of our foreign clients speak English.,



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