1) These dark, winter days are very ___ a) depress b) depressing c) depressed 2) Looking after my sister's three small children is ___ for my parents. a) exhaust b) exhausting c) exhausted 3) She's a bit ___ at the moment because she's got too much work. a) stress b) stressful c) stressed 4) It really ___ me when people talk loudly on their mobile phones. a) infuriates b) infuriating c) infuriated 5) Eathan was so ___ when he failed his driving test. a) dissapoint b) dissapointing c) dissapointed 6) I can't find my passport which is a bit ___ . a) worry b) worrying c) worried 7) My girlfriend is scared of flying. The idea of getting on a plane ___ her. a) terrifies b) terrifying c) terrified 8) We were ___ when we received a surprise visit from some old friends. a) delighting b) delightful c) delighted 9) My son is a terrible loser. Not winning something really ___ him. a) frustrates b) frustrating c) frustrated 10) I was so ___ when I called your boyfriend by the wrong name. a) embarass b) embarassing c) embarassed 11) It ___ me when my husband asks me where his clothes are. a) annoys b) annoying c) annoyed 12) His first visit to the theatre ___ him to take up acting. a) inspired b) inspiring

WB p.34 ex.2 -ed / -ing adjectives and related verbs



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