1. Today organizations must develop and learn from ____ regarding leadership.2. Most states have constitutional or ____ requirements for balanced budgets. 3. Strategic human ____ is the proactive management of people. 4. Incredible as it may seem, most government programs don't have clear and ____ goals and objectives against which the taxpayers and state legislators can hold managers accountable. 5. Developer will play a critical role to develop product enhancements based upon requirements documents, ____, or interaction from product sponsors. 6. As reported in the Post previously, cracks in the wings of the plane were caused by a ____ in work carried out in Filton. 7. Social media represents the great bridging of ____ and business assumptions. 8. The concept of ____, or kaizen, remains part of Toyota's DNA. 9. Three-year product warranty sets the ____ for service. 10. Each time a job is completed, the company sends out ____ emails to customers.

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