1) I'm looking _________ to Summer holidays a) after b) forward c) for d) out 2) I often look __________my little sister a) for b) around c) after 3) It's my first time in this city. I'll go and look ____________ a) around b) out c) up 4) What are you looking ________? - My bag a) after b) away c) for 5) I sometimes look ________on my life. a) away b) back c) out 6) Yesterday I came __________ an interesting site. a) out b) up c) across 7) Let's find _________about our new teacher a) out b) into c) up 8) I was waiting the whole evening but nobody turned_________ a) away b) up c) on 9) Look __________for Tom. He's not reliable. a) away b) on c) out 10) I think our plan won't work ____________ a) on b) out c) away



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