I don't have a ____ because I don't think they're a good idea. Not for people my age. I'm ____ and I'm studying for important ____ this year. I haven't got time to work as well. A lot of my friends have got jobs and they can't study in the evenings because they ____ - they're so tired! And companies that ____ teenagers never pay them much money - that's why they employ them! They only pay them ____ an hour or less. Adults ask for a lot more money. I work at ____ every weekend. It's only a few hours - and it's fun. I'm learning ____. For examplt, how to deal with ____ and how to solve different ____. These skills are going to be useful in the future - so my job helps me to prepare for life after school. I'm also learning to be ____ and responsible. I mean, I can't send messages or make phone calls all the time! No, I need to be ____ for work every Saturday and Sunday - and I need to ____ while I'm there. I think the job teaches me how to behave at work. That's useful for the future. I work a few hours a week - ____ and on Saturdays. The job isn't very interesting: I clean offices. But it's good, because I ____ to spend on clothes and going out with my friends. My mum and dad haven't got much money, so I'm happy I don't have to ____. That's one of the best things about doing a part-time job: I get ____ money. Five of us do the same cleaning job, and we help each other - we work ____. That stops it being too boring. And I'm learning a useful skill - ____ with other people in a team.



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