It's celebrated at the end of September (22nd or 23rd). I's the festival of food - veggies, fruit, etc., This celebration is held on 31 of October. Children really like because they wear scary costumes and ask for sweets, It's celebrated on the fouth Thursday of November. This day people eat turkey and say 'Thank you!', One of the most famous festivalss in the world. People gather together, eat tasty food and give each other presents. It's on 25 of December, On 31st of December families gather together, eat lots of food, exchange presents and say 'Happy ... ...!' when the clock strikes twelve, This day you can see a lot of red roses, chocolate sweets, red cards. And people say 'I love you!', On this day men give women flowers, cards, sweets and presents, This festival is usually celebrated in spring (April - beginning of May). Children hunt for chocolate eggs and chocolate bunnies.



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