1) If a person is ... , they are able to adapt and change easily according to the situation. a) original b) flexible c) stable 2) If a person has the good sense and shows good judgement, they are ... a) sensible b) sensitive c) creative 3) If a person is able to be trusted or believed, they are ... a) original b) punctual c) reliable 4) If a person is ready to give other people money, presents, or time in a kind way, they are ... a) rude b) generous c) loyal 5) If a person is honest and saying or showing what they really feel or believe, they are ... a) polite b) helpful c) sincere 6) If a person is always ready to support someone especially in trouble, they are ... a) loyal b) kind c) stable 7) If a person works well and does not waste time or energy, they are ... a) efficient b) original c) sensitive 8) If a person shows interest in work and ready to take an active part, they are ... a) patient b) punctual c) enthusiastic

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