Starting: To start with, I think we shoul establish the overall procedure..., Can we get to the point?, Do you want to get the ball rolling?, Making proposal and expressing the point: Regarding your proposal, our position is..., On one hand ..., on the other hand ... , As an alternative, we propose ... , I can assure you that ... , This would allow us to ... , Agreeing: That sounds reasonable., I think I can make that happen., That would be acceptable., It would be fair., Disagreeing: I'm not sure about ..., I’m sorry, that’s just not possible., I’m not in a position to accept that., Clarification: I'm not sure I fully understand your point., So, what you mean is that ..., Could you clarify one point for me?, Conclusion: So that just about sums it up., Let's just confirm the details., I think you’ve covered everything.,

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