Dear Julia! I'm writing to tell you that I've finally found suitable ____ close to my college! I was walking past the college noticeboard when I saw an ____ that said a whole floor of a lovely house was ____ for rent. The thing is, the woman who lives there has retired recently and she can't afford to pay for the house on her own, so she decided to ____. The rent is actually quite high but I've already found a ____ who I can split the costs with! Her name is Marion, and she's a student, like me. So, about the house: it's a two-storey building with a lovely garden separated from the main street with a tall green ____ , which will give us some privacy while we are sitting in the sun. The house has got a ____, where the owner keeps some household appliances. There's a washing machine and a drier, so we'll be able to do our ____ there! There's also a tiny ____ just under the roof. It's quite old and cluttered, but the owner said, if we ____ we can use it to study. It will be great to have a ____ there - our bedrooms only offer ____, and there's nowhere we can store our books and other stuff. The rooms are fully ____, so we don't need to buy anything! The meals aren't ____, but it's alright since Marion is a vegetarian and the owner is Indian, so she mostly cooks Indian dishes, which I'm not big on. Me and Marion are going to ____ on Monday and are having a ____ party next weekend - just a small get-together with some ____ and music. I'll be happy to see you then! Let me know if you can ____. Write back soon! Sierra



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