1) Hi, Julia! What___you____? Are you at home? a) What are you doing? b) What do you do? 2) Mike____(hate) the sound of crying a) hates b) is hating c) hate 3) My grandparents___(go) for a walk in the mornings a) go b) are going 4) I can't come out at the moment because I____(help) my sister with her homework a) help b) am helping 5) ____you___(stay) with your parents at the monent? a) Are you staying b) Do you stay 6) I normally____(have) breakfast at 8 a.m. a) have b) am having 7) My friend and I____(meet) occasionally in the evenings a) meet b) meets c) are meeting d) am meeting 8) What___your friend__(like) doing in her free time? a) does your friend like b) do your friend like c) does your friend likes d) is your friend liking 9) He___(have) a younger sister a) have b) has c) is having 10) We___(not/come) usually until 17 a) don't usually come b) don't come usually c) aren't usually coming d) aren't coming usually



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