it's tempting to ... - seems very good and you'd like to do it, an applicant - a candidate, to insist to ... - to order and expect , to describe oneself as - to define smth as smth, frequent travel - periodic trips, a typo - a small mistake , rabid  - fanatical, rapid - fast, to ruin (a department) - to make a mess of , to run ( a department) - to manage, to reveal - to show, uncover, to stand out - to attract attention, there's little point in saying - it's not worth saying , a supporter - a fan, to put down - to write, to have a passion for - to like a lot, a prospective employer - a future boss, to contain a lie - to have wrong information, to resist the temptation to - not to do what you really want, to invent an interesting background about yourself - to lie about your past,

straightforward upp-int 1A vocab test




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