Present Simple: does, watches, Do (they) drive, doesn't play, sing, does not cook, Does (it) sleep, do not take, Does (he) have, come, Present Continuous: 'm not teaching, Is (he) playing, Are (we) doing, Am (I) sleeping, is swimming, is not sleeping, 're singing, 's touching, am having, am not riding, Present Perfect: has seen, hasn't watered, have not learnt, hasn't rained, Has (she) been, has not cooked, 's played, 've gone, Have (you) visited, haven't come, Present Perfect Continuous: has been doing, Have (they) been waiting, 's been playing, 've been dancing, Has (it) been raining, hasn't been learning, have been living, haven't been cooking, have not been watching, has not been reading,



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