windy - It’s too ------- to go out in the boat., chilly - The room was uncomfortably ------- ., humid - The island is hot and ------- in the summer., bargains - I picked up a few good -------- in the sale., nightmares - Horror films always give me -------., spoilt - Our camping trip was ------ by bad weather., avoid - We must find a way to ----- similar problems in future., wet - You'll get ----- if you go out now - it's pouring down., relieved - He was clearly ------- when we offered to pay for the damage., heat - Products which may be damaged by ---- are stored in a separate area., attractions - ------- at the fair include a mini-circus, clowns, dancers and a jazz band., crowded - The main beach can get really ------ in summer., queue - There's a ----- of people trying to get in.,



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