to look into - to investigate, to give away - to betray, to give out - to become exhausted / stop working, to go about - to deal with sth, to go round - to be enough (e.g.: for a certain number of people), to keep to - to be limited to, to make up for - to compensate for, to pack in - to stop (informal), to play up - to act badly, to point out - to draw attention to the fact, to go on - to happen, to grow on someone - to gradually become liked by someone, to hang around - to spend time doing nothing, to miss out  (BE) - to fail to include, to let down - to disappoint, to let on - to tell other people about something that you know, especially when it is a secret, to pay back - to take revenge (informal), to pick up - to improve, to pull off - to succeed in doing, to make up - to invent,

Phrasal verbs (English for Teachers)




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