It was an ____ letter, full of mistakes. It was highly ____ of him to leave the children on their own in the pool. Why do you ____ her so much? It’s ____ to be rich while people are starving and homeless. I was ____ about what to do next. She talked ____ for over an hour. The brain cells are ____ during sleep. The noise made sleep ____. The pain was ____. You're talking ____! He even blamed his parents for his ____ to make friends. It is ____ to sell tobacco to someone under 16. The terms of the contract are very ____. The problem won't just ____. ____ dialects of English are regional dialects. The air was fresh and ____. Even friends ____ sometimes. My goal to is to get kids to read books, and for kids to relate to a superhero that teaches ____. He’s receiving medication for an ____ heartbeat.



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