What is the largest volcano in the world?, How many visitors does the Yellowstone Park get per year?, How long has Vesuvius been active?, How much time do you need to cross the Yellowstone Park?, Why is Yellowstone a supervolcano?, Has Yellowstone got any geysers in it?, Why wouldn't Yellowstone evacuation be easy?, What did Paul Doss say about the cause of the Yellowstone explosion?, What is generally a precursor of a volcanic eruption?, How many earthquakes occurred in Yellowstone last year?, How thick is magma in the magma chamber of a voclano?, What is molten rock?, Is Yellowstone the largest active volcano in the world?, When did the eruption of Vesuvius stop?, What are the warning signs of volcanic eruption?.

NLL unit 2.3 change the questions into indirect ones and answer them according to the text.

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