1) I went bright red when I got his name wrong. I was so ... a) frusrated b) embarrassed 2) Translation technology is improving but humans are more ... at choosing the right word. a) sufficient b) efficient 3) I used to be an interpreter but I don't use languages in my ... job. a) current b) actual 4) We're going to be ... in Madrid next year so I need to improve my Spanish.  a) based b) lived 5) It's hard to ... what people are saying when they speak quickly. a) process b) possess 6) I started learning Russian online but gave ... because I couldn't practise with a real person. a) up b) into 7) My children ... a language club to help them with their German. a) assist b) attend 8) My job ... writing materials for online courses. a) includes b) involves

Outcomes Inter (1) WB. Choose the correct word



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