1) The meaning of the word: saliva a) Пищевод b) Желудок c) Слюна d) Кишечник 2) The meaning of the word: gullet a) Трахея b) Пищевод c) Гортань d) Кишечник 3) Blood is a red liquid that flows around the body in... a) Blood vessels b) Heart c) Oxygen d) Skin 4) We use our ... for breathing. a) Kidneys b) Lungs c) Heart d) Intestines 5) Name the organ shown on the picture a) Heart b) Stomach c) Lungs d) Brain 6) They are a pair of bean-shaped organs a) Heart b) Lungs c) Intestines d) Kidneys 7) The ... and ... digest the food. a) Stomach and Intestines b) Stomach and Blood vessels c) Heart and Intestines d) Big intestine and Small intestine 8) Describe the brain a) Hard, wrinkly, grey b) Soft, wrinkly, grey c) Soft, wrinkly, pink d) Soft, smooth, pink 9) The brain is connected to all parts of the body by... a) Intestines b) Blood vessels c) Nerves d) Bones 10) The food is pushed down the ... into stomach a) Mouth b) Stomach c) Intestines d) Gullet 11) Name the waste gas we breathe out of the lungs a) Carbon dioxide b) Oxygen c) Hydrogen d) Nitrogen 12) Name the gas we breathe into the lungs a) Hydrogen b) Oxygen c) Nitrogen d) Carbon dioxide



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