Women often paint this part of their fingers and toes., If you don't do this, you might have to go to the dentist's. , The organ in your chest that sends blood around your body., You might have done this when you were a baby., Without them you can't breathe. , A belt usually goes around this., Boxers close their hand and palm to make this before they hit someone., You might do this if you don't know the answer to something., People often do this with one eye to show they're not being serious., You do this with a tissue when you have a cold., A way of showing surprise using a part of your face., When you're bored or tired you open your mouth and do this., Put your arms around someone to show that you like them., Say goodbye using your hand., What two people often do when they meet for the first time., You do this when you agree with someone or something., The part of your body between your upper and lower arm., When you look at something for a long time., You should do this after doing exercise., Move your forehead and eyebrows to show you aren't pleased..



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