1) My friend___ every day. a) read b) reads 2) We ___to school in summer. a) doesn't go b) don't go 3) ___she ____ English? a) Does___speak b) Do ___speak c) Does __speaks 4) The zoo ___ at 10 o'clock and ____ at 7. a) open, close b) opens, closes c) open, closes 5) I ___ my homework in the garden. a) don't do b) doesn't do 6) My friends ___ football in the classroom. a) don't play b) doesn't play 7) ___ you ___ read in summer? a) Does b) Do 8) ___your mum sometimes___ pizza? a) Does ___cooks b) Does ____ cook c) Do ___cook 9) ___ your aunt and uncle ____sunglasses in summer? a) Does ____wear b) Do ____wears c) Do ____wear 10) ____ your brother ____ to school on Saturday? a) Does ____go b) Does ___goes c) Do ___go



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