Palaeontologists in New Mexico (1) ____ the remains of at least one dinosaurfrom the late Jurassic period. The scientists (2) ____ in an unexplored part of the Morrison Formation - a vast fossil bed - for the last eight months. Last week one of the group (3) ____ a section of rock which ( 4) ____ a number of bones from one, or possibly more, large herbivorous dinosaurs. Since then, the group (5) ____ to release the bones from the rock and piece them together. According to Bryce Larson, the group's leader, the bones are from a large brachiosaurus. These animals (6) ____ approximately 150 million years ago. Other brachiosaurus remains (7) ____ in the Morrison, but these latest bones may prove to come from the largest dinosaur anyone (8) ____ to date. For a long time the Morrison Formation (9) ____ one of the most productive fossil beds in the world. Since the first bones (10) ____ there in 1877, it (11) ____ tonnes of material. This, more than any other fossil bed, (12) ____ us an insight into the late Jurassic period in North America.

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