more / bigger / better / etc. than - outgrow, outdo, outnumber, one - monosyllabic, monochrome, again - rebuild, remarry, reusable, outside, not inside, away from - outpatient, outstretched , badly - ill-treated, ill-informed, more than one, many - multivitamins, multi-coloured, wrongly - misheard, misbehave, misunderstand, against - anti-discrimination, antivirus, higher, towards the top - upgrade, uphill, uplift, remove or reduce - deforestation (of the planet), de-escalate, after - postgraduate, post-mortem, post-paid, before - precondition, pre-industrial (societies), too much - oversleep, overpriced, overreaction, two, twice - biannual (meetings), bi-fold (doors), bisexual, together - co-founder, coexist, below - submarine, sub-zero (temperatures), substandard, between - intergovernmental, intersection, not enough - underperform, understaffed, above average - superhuman, supercomputer, superfine (thread), by yourself, by itself - autofocus, auto-immune (diseases), extremely small - microorganism, microcomputer,

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