1) What is her job? a) She's a pilot. b) She's a flight attendant. c) She's an air traffic controller. 2) - Sorry! There are no rooms left. Our hotel is ... a) fully-booked. b) empty. c) vacant. 3) What is the name of the seat marked by the red tick? a) An aisle seat. b) A window seat. c) A middle seat. 4) Oops! I ... packed these with my stuff. a) suddenly b) correctly c) accidentally 5) There is a ... view out of my window. A can see Mount Fuji! a) picturesque b) pictured c) picturing 6) ... involves a long energetic walk in a natural environment on footpaths for a day or overnight. a) A business trip b) A package tour c) Hiking 7) What is the name of the seat marked by the green heart? a) A middle seat. b) An aisle seat. c) A window seat. 8) You will be dropped together with your luggage at the ... of Madeira's International Airport. a) accommodation b) travel agent's c) departure lounge 9) Lesoto is ... country to visit. It isn't as popular as Egypt. a) run out off b) off the beaten track c) take your hands off 10) A fortnight lasts ... a) 2 days. b) 2 weeks. c) 2 months. 11) What is this? a) baggage reclaim b) landing c) take off 12) They arrived ... destination three hours earlier. a) in b) at c) on 13) What is the name of the seat marked by the yellow star? a) A middle seat. b) An aisle seat. c) A window seat. 14) She lives in New Jersey but she works in New York. She has to ... to work every day. a) book b) travel c) commute 15) Our shopping ... started at 11 am and finished at about 6 pm. a) trip b) journey c) travel 16) What are they doing? a) They are backpacking. b) They are commuting. c) They are hitchhiking. 17) Jet lag is... a) feeling sick or wanting to vomit when you are travelling on a ship b) feeling very tired after a long plane journey c) feeling sick because you are travelling in a car 18) ... control the traffic on a road. The red, yellow and green signals show when you must stop and when you can go. a) Lighthouses b) Light bulbs c) Traffic lights 19) Where is the cat? a) It's on the deck. b) It's in the captain's cabin. c) It's at customs. 20) - Did you have a good ... ? - No, it was awful. The sea was rough. a) journey b) travel c) jet lag 21) Control takes place at ... at the airport. a) departure lounge b) customs c) deck 22) Don't drive so fast, ... ! a) slow down b) speed up c) fasten your seat belt 23) A place to live, work or stay in is ... a) account b) accommodation c) access 24) Before you leave a hotel, you need to ... a) check out. b) book. c) check in. 25) ... is organized by a company at a fixed price and that includes the cost of travel, hotels, etc. a) A safari b) A package holiday c) A camping holiday

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