What do you think about teenagers who dye their hair blue, green, or another crazy color?, At what age should teenagers do make up in your opinion?, What do you do to make you relax when you’re in a bad mood?, Have you ever been in an embarrassing situation with your clothes when you’re in public?, Would you rather be a child, a teenager or an adult? Why?, Are teenagers the same all over the world, to your mind?, Do you really think that you are a fashionable person?, Do parents really understand teenagers?, Should teenagers work? Why or why not?, Would you continue communicating with your friend if he shaved his head?, Are your teenage years enjoyable?, What are the worst things about being a teenager?, Can getting a tattoo be one of the ways of expressing your individuality?, Can teens change the world? If yes, how? If not, why not?, Do any of your friends or classmates have problems with drugs or alcohol?, Do you think parents should give much freedom to their teenagers? , Should male and female teens be given the same amount of freedom? Why or Why not?, If you were a parent and your teenage child did something wrong, how would you discipline him/her?, Do you wear a school uniform ? What is it like?, Is it all right that girls have muscular bodies?.



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