Scene 1Sam: Where’s George? Rose: Who’s ____ Sam: He’s my ____. He’s got a red hat. Rose: Is he in the toy ____ Sam: No, he isn’t. Rose: What’s that? Look! He’s under the table! Sam: It isn’t George. It’s your ____. Scene 2Rose: Look! It’s Max and Lily. Hello! Max and Lily: Hi! Sam: I can’t find my ____. His name is George. Max: We can help you. Sam: Great, ____ Max: Is he ____ or small? Sam: He’s big and ____. He’s got a long ____. Lily: Look! There’s a long tail in the ____. Max: Is it George? Scene 3Lily: That isn’t George. It’s your ____ Rose: Hello, Polly! Sam: George has got a red ____. Max: Look! There’s a red jacket. Sam: And he’s got green ____. Lily: There are two green shoes. Sam: Let’s find George! Scene 4Rose: We’ve got a red jacket and two green shoes. Max: But I can’t see George. Sam: George has got a ____, too. Max: Look! There’s a bike. Sam: And he’s got a green ____. Max: Look! There’s an umbrella in the tree. Lily: And there are two ____ Sam and Rose: Oh, no! The birds have got George! Scene 5Max: I know. We can ____. Rose: We can ____, too. Sam: But we haven’t got George. Max: OK. Let’s ____ Rose: Hurray! The birds haven’t got George now. Sam: I’ve got George. I’m ____ now. Let’s play!

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